GUAM – Guam MACC Builders, a joint venture led by Hawaii-based Watts Constructors, leads the competition for task orders under the Guam multiple award construction contract with a single order of $86 million.

The $4 billion Guam multiple award construction contract, the largest-ever MACC contract by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Pacific, has so far awarded $182 million in three task orders. The orders under the MACC, meant to help prepare the island for the transfer of at least 8,600 U.S. Marines and their dependants and support staff from Okinawa to Guam no sooner than 2016, are to be awarded over five years.

Guam MACC Builders was one of seven entities that qualified to become prime contractors in bidding on May 11, 2010. The others include CNMS JV, Core Tech-AMEC-SKEC LLC, dck-ecc Pacific Guam Construction LLC, Hensel Phelps-Granite-Traylor Pacific JV, Kiewit-Mortenson JV, and Tutor Perini Corp.

Guam MACC Builders, a joint venture that also includes Japan’s Obayashi Corp. and Webcor Builders of California, won its task order on Sept. 30 of last year to upgrade the Apra Harbor wharf at the Naval Base on Guam. All seven Guam MACC prime contractors bid on the task order.

Work, slated to end in August, 2013, includes “wharf strengthening, concrete utilities trenches, partial replacement of the bilge oily waste transfer system, removal of deficient and deteriorated water distribution systems” and more to prepare the harbor to berth the Amphibious Readiness Group of the United States Navy.

In second place in the ranking of task order value so far comes Sylmar, California-based Tutor Perini Corp. with its unit Black Construction. The company won a $73 million task order on April 7 to build an aircraft parking apron at Andersen Air Force Base by July 2013. Work includes an MV-22 aircraft concrete parking apron, hot mix asphalt apron replacement pavement, aircraft rinse facility, aircraft wash-rack facility, three direct fueling stations and a tow-way with retaining wall.

In third place is dck-ecc Pacific Guam Construction, a joint venture of contractor dck guam pacific and Burlingame, California-based builder ECC. The venture in May of last year won the first task order under the Guam MACC, a $23 million job to design and build the torpedo exercise support building and consolidated submarine learning center and Submarine Squadron 15 headquarters facility at Polaris Point. Work is to be done by November.

Since 2009, the Navy has been working to field five multiple award construction contracts, or so-called MACCs. The handful of companies selected for each MACC will compete with one another for military construction task orders roughly ranging from $1 million to $300 million each. The $4 billion Guam MACC, the $500 million Small Business MACC, the $400 million Small Business HUBZone MACC and the $100 million MACC for 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Businesses have all been awarded. Bids for the remaining $3 billion Japan-funded Mamizu MACC are due on May 16.

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